Immune Testing

So after much deliberation – I finally went for immune testing.

Here is the response from the Lab:

The final report is herewith attached.

Can we have a chat through this today?  It can be by telephone: this is a perfect profile so let’s chat about other possibilities to explain the lack of success to date.

These are my results

CD3+ 60.08%
CD19+ 16.96%
CD3-CD16+56+(NK) 20.03%
CD3+CD16+56+(NKT) 7.13%

So that’s not the issue. Now what?


13 thoughts on “Immune Testing

  1. Have you also been tested for thrombosis type issues or for whether you have the MTHFR gene? Both of those aspects are also worth looking into although some doctors don’t believe in this stuff having an impact.


    1. I don’t think I have been tested for those but just had a quick look on the web and I don’t have any of those type of symptoms. The only thing I can think of now is possibly the estrogen progressing my lining too quickly


      1. I had no symptoms either and came up with MTHFR on both sides of my DNA strand and mild thrombosis issues. The estrogen idea is interesting. I also took extra estrogen for my transfers and throughout the first trimester.


      2. More meds 🙈
        For my last protocol I took:
        40mg Clexane (blood thinner) daily injection
        1 daily baby aspirin (Nuseals brand)
        Estrogen – 4 tablets per day, 2 x morning & 2 x evening (brand was Cyclacur and I only took the white tablets)
        Twice daily progesterone pessaries (Cyclogest brand)
        16mg steroids prednisone (Medrol brand)
        IVF intralipids a few days before the transfer and every 2 weeks thereafter for first trimester

        On top of that I also took a bunch of fertility vitamins, folic acid and meds for my thyroid so it was a lot of pills each day!!


      3. wow, that’s a lot!!! you must have been rattling as you walked 🙂
        The immunologist is calling me in a couple of hours – ill post the gest of it later


      4. Pretty much yes!! Trying to remember what to take and when was fun. Now I’m just on the Clexane jabs, baby aspirin, the vitamins, and the thyroid meds and it feels like I’m taking hardly anything!! Haha!
        Good luck with your call!

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    1. That is very interesting. With my last FET which was donor egg – I added ecotrin 81mg asprin myself and it made no difference
      This is so frustrating, I really thought the immune testing would give us some kind of answer but now I don’t even have a hunch


      1. I must add that I was so devastated after our de miscarriage that it took me over a year to be ready for another transfer. Initially I just wanted to try again straight away but my re encouraged me to take a little time to heal… a little time turned into a year and a bit. Looking back I’m so glad I did… I was so angry and disappointed and sad and it took time to process those feelings.


      2. I am so sorry about your miscarriage. I spoke to RI and he cannot see any reason why I am not getting pregnant. He thinks the problem is with DH. Dh obviously took it personally and is not having any of it. Men and their egos lol


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