Beta is 0

I give up. I am broken. This was not meant to be.

Infertility wins.


18 thoughts on “BFN

  1. I’m so sorry. Just wanted to see if you have considered getting an ERA? After 5 fails including a miscarriage I’m getting one in December before transferring my last frozen DE embryos, to make sure they’re going in on the right day ( I wrote a little bit about it on today’s blog, with a link). I know this is very rough for you right now and you have to take time to grieve but if you do have that one last frozen embryo and are considering giving that one a try, I would definitely recommend the ERA test first. Big hugs.


    1. I dont think we have that test here. I am petrified of transferring that last blast because if it fails thats it. Emotionally I dont know if I could handle another BFN. I just cant do it
      Thank you for your support


      1. Just so you know the test is not actually done at the clinic but rather sent out to one of many places that does the test. Igenomix is who we are using and they work internationally so I would definitely definitely insist upon it if I were in your shoes. It’s just like getting an endometrial scratch on the patient side, except this time the doctor takes a specific amount of tissue in the biopsy and send it out for review. Having gone through 5 fails on DEIVF after 2 failed IUIs and a miscarriage, the one thing I’ve learned is to push for what I need whether it’s part of their standard protocol or not.


      2. Thank you, I will look them up. I think South Africa is still behind by leaps and bounds. You are definitely a strong woman. After this bfn I was just so angry, angry at my RE, angry at the world. I feel like a walking cash cow that is being exploited. I cant understand how after 6 OE, 1DE and 1 DE FET they don’t have answers. I am so over it

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      3. Same here. My first doctor didn’t mention any new protocol after 5 negative donor egg IVF transfers including a miscarriage. I learned about the ERA through one of the other bloggers, and my doctor agreed to do it per my request but not because it’s something he normally does. I feel like I should get a discount for how much work I’m doing towards my own treatment!


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