Transfer Day

Yesterday was ET day. I woke up and promptly started stressing about getting the call to tell me that none of my embryos made it – I have gotten that call before.

9am – still no call. Ok, I am gonna get in the shower. I take my phone into the bathroom with me of course and proceed to give the old girl a nice old scrub down, shave my legs and wash the other bits and bobs – whilst staring at the phone of course

I get out the shower, and get dress

At this point I start nervous coughing, the type of coughing where you gag at the very end. Now my tummy is turning. I cant poop now, I just showered (I have toilet issues. I cant poop anywhere but home, nobody can be upstairs and I must shower after)

I go downstairs, my phone rings… Its my mom, she is outside, open the gate. I take my phone with me and go and open up for her. Mom proceeds to come inside and conduct a full inspection on the cleanliness of my house…. Lol got to love her. “Its not messy…Its just not clean enough. Thanks Mom.

10am – We start heading out. Everything is going fine until we reach the city center where the clinic is. I turn into the street into bumper to bumper traffic. We are not moving. WTF!!!! Now its 10h30, I cut into the wrong lane and just a little illegally bypass the bumper to bumper traffic and then cut in where I caught a gap. I see it in the distance. PROTEST ACTION people marching and picketing, blocking off the entire road. I once again slip into the wrong lane and cut down a side road, all the while with mom in terrible shock.

We pull up to the clinic at 10h50 – My transfer is at 11am. I scream to my mom, park the car, I jump out and run inside. I get there and RE is dressed and waiting for me at reception.

I get ushered in and off we go.

I had 3 frosties, they defrosted the 1st one and it stopped. They then moved on to the 2nd and it looked so good that they called it and left number 3 frozen

According to RE, transfer went smooth like butter. We all stood around (I laid) and chatted about the American Elections for a few minutes. Got up, got dressed and off to lunch with mom.

To say that the whole transfer was easy would be an understatement. It went great, I immediately had a wonderfully positive and hopeful feeling. I have had absolutely no cramps so far, which is great. I have had terrible cramps with every transfer almost immediately after

9 more days to go till beta


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