Donor Egg FET

We are a go for FET.

We are doing a natural FET for the most part. My blood pressure medication was changed a couple of months ago to be pregnancy friendly. I added Ecotrin (81mg Asprin) once the AF stopped. I monitored my LH surge with One Step Ovulation Strips I bought off Amazon for super cheap. I bought them with the intention of going nuts – I got 20 lol

Yesterday the test line and the control line were the same colour, I would even say that the test line was a bit darker. I went in for bloods to confirm and LH was 20.1 which is basically the very start of the surge. I POAS again this morning, because I have a problem and I have nearly 10 strips left. The line was instantly darker than the control line.

Anyhoo, ET is set for Tuesday. I took my first estrogen tablet this morning 2mg and will take another 2mg this evening along with everyone’s favourite Gestone 100 PIO

At this point we have 3 blasts frozen, all of a fair grade. Whatever that means, they were frozen using vitrification so I am hopeful that they will do well during the thaw. We will decide on the day, how many to transfer.

Wish us luck


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