DE Cyle

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything. Mostly because someone told me, if you are doing something important just keep it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone. Bad juju and such.

Did it help??? No

My first DE cycle was a bfn.

Just a quick summary of the cycle. My donor is a beautiful 25year old unproven donor

They collected 21eggs of which only 12 were mature. 11 Fertilised and 8 made it to blast stage. 2 blasts were transferred on day 5 and 3 were frozen.

First bad sign – with me not her. She did amazing. A few days before ER I have some spotting, very light and only if I wipe. The day of her egg retrieval I have a bleed that lasts about 2 hours. I call my RE and he calls me in to scan. On the scan everything looks fine so we decide to go ahead. I start PIO and no more spotting. ER goes smoothly, I go home and have some KFC (its a tradition) and park off on the couch. The next day I carry on as usual except obviously no heavy lifting.

1dp5dt – Cramping begins

2dp5dt – Stuffy nose and temperature…. generally just felt sick

3dp5dt – sore throat

4dp5dt – my eczema around my eyes flare up so badly I can barely open my eyes

6dp5dt – bfn on HPT

8dp5dt – bfn on HPT – at this point I knew

9dp5dt – beta BFN

Now I am no expert but by the look of it, it seems like I had a major immune reaction. I briefly chatted to my RE about it over the phone and he is not convinced.

I am seeing him on 21 Oct to discuss my protocol and hopefully I can convince him to do an immune protocol
















8 thoughts on “DE Cyle

  1. I don’t believe in that bad juju stuff. If you need the support, or just the release of writing it out, go for it. Sorry your transfer didn’t take. I so hope you have better luck with the next one. I know it was hard for you to even get to this point.

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  2. Definitely insist on an immune protocol whether they think you need it or not. Also if you haven’t get your thyroid checked before and after the cycle as we learned that once I got on estrogen my thyroid went through the roof which is a huge predictor of success and also miscarriage risk. And with thyroid don’t just test the TSH but also things like T3 and the antibodies as well (full panel). A lot of doctors will poo poo this but I have gone through my natural path for these tests and it has really helped get the support I need. Along with increasing my thyroid medication I also took Prednisone for 5 days before the transfer and changed my prenatal to one that is free folic acid and instead take folate which is natural and an alternative if you’re at a risk for Immunology issues like the MTHFR mutation. Being on my 5th round of donor egg IVF awaiting results, I definitely know how you’re feeling ( and our donor was a five-time proven donor so that kind of stuff doesn’t unfortunately mean much). Hugs…

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  3. Thank you for your comment. You are such a brave woman to be on your 5th round of DE. I sincerely hope that this is the one. Are you currently In your 2ww? I am dreading going through that again.

    I have had the following tested:
    Antithrombin III
    Protein C
    Protein S functional
    All test were negative except Cardiolipin IgM – 18, which is a weak positive

    I fully intend on insisting on an immune protocol. We cant do any worse than we have done so far.


    1. Hi Honey, we are jumping straight back in. I refuse to go into the New Year still ttc. I am hoping to do a “everything but the kitchen sink” type of protocol. lol
      Otherwise all is well on our side. How are things with you guys?


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