What we have been up to…

Well the saga continues. Hubby is finally on board whoopee.

May 20 I went back to see my previous RE, we had gotten the best results with him and I definitely liked and trusted him the most. The only reason we didn’t do the mini with him is that it would have cost the same as a full cycle and the government funded hospital offered it at a quarter of the price. I digress, so back to Dr O I go and we have a good chat about the outcome of the mini and agree that DEIVF is the best way forward. So I hop up on the table for a quick pap and scan. The does a pelvic exam and I have a bit of pain close to my right hip. While he is scanning I see a “follie” on the right side which is unusually because that one is so moody. I am all excited and say, “Is that a follie already?” CD8 and he says No. That’s your uterus. Immediate freak out. What is it?!?!?! Now I know its not a baby I have no tubes. Very calmly Dr O says I’m sure its nothing, probably just a little bleeding. WTH? Lets do a hysteroscopy before the treatment just in case and while we are there we will do an endoscratch as well. I am happy with that. If it was something to worry about, he would have booked the scope on the spot. Fine

Monday morning arrives and I call my medical aid(insurance – depends where your from) to make sure that everything is in order. Turns out my Dr is not on there network and if I use his hospital there will be a 30% co-payment. ARE U F**CKING mad. Proceed to loose my mind. DEIVF + 30% co-payments + 30% co-payment for anything else that may arise with my Dr. “Please cancel my membership immediately” very dramatic. I call new insurance company, confirm that my Dr is on their list blah blah blah. Skip two days…”Thank you for applying with us your application has been approved, however there will be a 3 month general waiting period on all planned procedures.”

bwahahahahaha. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. So now we wait till SEPTEMBER for the hysteroscopy and if all goes well cycle in October.

Heres to infertility, “F**k you”



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