What I have been up to…

So as the TTC train has come to a grinding halt, I have been focusing my energies elsewhere in an attempt to distract myself and not murder DH.

I opened on etsy shop a couple of months ago in the hopes of becoming a millionaire lol. I manage to get 1 customer who I broke my back trying to please and close the deal. I did eventually and he was very happy.

So with this in mind I decided maybe a stand alone website is a better idea. So now I have been going nuts creating a twitter handle, Instagram account and the new website. My etsy shop has a couple of items on but I have only manage to load 2 items to my new site.

My 18 year old niece is doing my pics so they aren’t top notch but I think they are pretty good.

If you would like pop around and check it out, I am totally open to constructive critism. I am teaching myself I as go along




7 thoughts on “What I have been up to…

  1. Well done you!! The site looks great! Please don’t murder DH, you need his goods :). Sending you loads of love! Best of luck with the new endeavour. I can’t believe you make these from scratch? Do you sell at craft markets?


    1. my husband has taken over the family business a few years ago. I am just trying to grow it. The factory has been operating old school for like 30 years. Hows things your side?


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