Scans and Retrieval

Scan two –  I had two dominant follicles at 18mm and 20mm and 3 more between 11-13. RE suggested we do one more does of 150iu Menopur to see if those little ones could catch up.

Scan three – All went to plan, the little ones caught up and my one and only ovary was being a trouper.

ER – Monday

Here I would just like to note that I was completely awake for the ER…. It was pretty cool to watch how they fill up the test tubes and you hear them call out how many eggs there are.

I put on my sexy gown and head into the Egg Retrieval room. RE gives me 2 shots in the bum – one to relax me (that didn’t work my heart was pounding out of my chest) and one fore nausea (that didn’t work either) Then you just lay for a while as the meds take effect. I felt a bit fuzzy but totally aware. I kept pinching my vag when nobody was looking to check if I could feel anything. Freak out, I could lol. Then she came back and said now its time for the local. She put in the metal thing that opens you up and proceeds to look for the cervix. She then gives me 2 shots into the cervix. That was probably the worst part but so quick. She then put in the wand and proceeded with the aspiration. I think I flinch maybe twice. It was a bit uncomfortable but nothing major. I do have a high pain threshold but it really was not that bad. I kept thinking why would they put me to sleep all the other times if it was over so quick. If it was more that 2 mins I would be surprised.

We ended up getting 6 eggs – I think that 2 were not to great, I heard embryologist say something but that was round about when the nausea struck. I started sweating and getting dizzy. Boy did I feel bad. I was convinced I was gonna puke but nothing was coming out. I was completely clammy and obviously DH freaked out just a little. They then called him to do his part and off he went.

I spent the rest of the day floating in and out of consciousness. Today I still don’t feel good, very fuzzy but I came into work to keep my mind off things, will update when I get fertilisation report.



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