Scan 1 for Mini/mild IVF

CD8 Stim Day 6

Lining is at 7mm

RT Ovary – Unresponsive, this is normal for me as I had an ovarian ectopic on that ovary so I never get any response there

LT Ovary – 6 Follicles. 3 bigger ones in the 12 – 13/14mm range and at least another 3 in the 10ishmm range.

This was the first time I saw my ovary look like the grapes you see on the internet. I am so pleased. I do however seem to have developed some kind of throat infection and RE decided to add some antibiotics to the mix.

So tomorrow and Friday I continue 150iu Menopur and scan Friday morning.

On a side note, I cannot understand how it is that I am responding better on clomid and menopur every other day compared to 300iu of Pergoveris which is suppose to be like a super drug. It is crazy. At a 1/3 of the cost of a full cycle




8 thoughts on “Scan 1 for Mini/mild IVF

    1. My amh was 1.35 or 9.5 depending where you are, about 2 years ago(33years old). In my referral letter it says I am a poor responder. I have no fallopian tubes and have implantation issues


  1. I’m also a poor responder with low AMH (it was 3.1 last year, now it’s only 1.39!). I’ve read having low vitamin D can make the AMH level seem worse than it is though and I also found out from a blood test that I’m deficient in vit D. My Fallopian tubes are blocked. And it also looks like I have immune issues too. I hope we all get our babies soon!

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