Stim Day 1 (CD3)

ThisCrazy+Hormones+TTC+IVF+Infertility+Fertility.jpg morning at 6am I took my first 2 Fertomid tablets (Clomid) not before loosing my sh!t with DH for leaving the towel on the floor and his clothing everywhere. Nervous much lol

I arrived at work feeling pretty good but by 10am my head started feeling very thick. Like the start of a headache, I check that my hairband isn’t too tight. Nope, its the meds. It lasted for about an hour or two and now seems to be tapering off. I have never been on Clomid, always injectables and those made me pretty bloody crazy. SS is with us till Sunday so I have to try and keep it together.

Other than that, I have nothing to report.

Have a great weekend!!!


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