I know it is super trendy to do gluten free and carb free at the moment and I never really bought into the gluten intolerance that everyone was on about. A while back I went into a herbal shop looking for something for my eczema around my eyes and the woman behind the counter reckons “you have to stop eating wheat and diary” in a super annoying voice and I’m like “Ok hippie, you must be nuts. I love me some cheese and  bread ” (I thought – I would never say that)

Meanwhile, the eczema continues and I am to this day still treating flare ups with cortisone cream. Its the only thing that seems to stop the flare up dead in its tracks but it has left the skin darker than the rest of my face. I digress, I have always suffered from painful winds and always thought it was from the underwire of my bra. One of my colleagues tells me cut out bread for a week and see if it persists. I could never so I switch to 100% rye. The taste is gross but lo and behold the winds stopped.

So after being painfree for a while, I started introducing bread back into my diet because as I mentioned before – I love me some bread.Today, the pain is back. Curses

I don’t want to be allergic to bread. I love bread and pasta and pizza and doughnuts and pies. What on earth am I gonna do?

That’s my vent for the day

Oh, and its CD2 – nothing to report



2 thoughts on “Gluten

  1. I feel every bit of your pain. bread and all the yummy stuff gives me terrible heartburn. But I fight through damn it! I have cut wayyy down on carbs though and my tummy is a lot happier. Very best of luck to you. I would say to try carb free bread but it will just make you angry haha.


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