CD1 is here, two days earlier than expected but I’ll take it. I am a bit worried about the fact that my cycles seem to have gone from 30 days to 27 days, but that’s another story all together.

So now I have to ease everyone in… My DH (I really love this man, he is my best friend literally) absolutely hates anything to do with IVF. I think it is to do with him giving his contribution and the money but mostly I think its about making his contributions in a clinic hahaha. DH wakes up with a smile on his face (I’m a good wife hint hint) and I gently remind him we are about to start. He cracks a joke, “Are you sure its March 2016???” He receive a death stare from me. Giggles and gets up. No problem. First obstacle – check.

I get into the office, email they clinic and they advise my first scan will be next Wednesday. So off I march into the boss’s office and start explaining about the days and scans and and and…. The Boss stops me mid-sentence. “Don’t worry about it, do whatever you need to do! Just do it!” Wow, that was easy.

Great so everything worked out well. I start meds in 2 days, Friday. Here we go….


4 thoughts on “CD1

  1. Ah, it’s great to be so open with work places. I’ve been doing the same with clients and it’s paid off actually – I don’t need to duck and dive. GOOD LUCK MY LOVE!! YOU CAN DO IT xxxxxx


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