Last night I dreamt of a baby. My baby. The last time I dreamt about a baby I woke up crying once I realised it was just a dream. This time I woke up excited and have been talking to this baby ever since my eyes opened.

I kept hearing the name Omi. This was a bit confusing as we sometimes refer to grandmothers as Oumie. Very similar sound. My mom was in the dream but none the less as usually, doing my bathroom routine I google the name… I don’t get much other than it being Italian. My husband is Italian hahahaha I am so grabbing at straws.

Anyway in this dream, this little girl just kept smiling. I swaddled her and she had this amazingly happy and content look on her little face and three little teeth. I took her to my parents and gave her to my dad to cuddle and she batted those hands away because she only wanted her mommy.

It felt amazing.


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