As most of you know, IVF is not for the faint-hearted or the empty pocketed. My DH and I are constantly getting into arguments about paying for treatment. Now luckily I am a working lady and have always been able to pay for treatments myself, with a little loan here and there from the folks and so on. To be fair he did pay for the first cycle but after that I was fighting a losing battle. Having been independent for so long, I don’t like asking anyone for anything…even my DH.

You see the thing is that DH believes that IVF is a money making scheme that targets women like me and you who are desperate for a baby and sells us unjustified hope. Now to be fair the reason the man thinks this is because other than the fact that I have no tubes… we suffer from unexplained infertility. He cannot wrap his mind around the fact that nobody is able to give us a concrete answer and we are basically “pissing into the wind”

Now at this point all my savings are gone and new cycle is only a few weeks aways. I have the funds available on my credit card but the idea of making debt like that is petrifying. I know that it would be worth it but damn it is scary.

After spending some time thinking about it, the answer is so clear… Etsy. DH manufactures Ostrich leather goods. So I set up my shop and paypal. For the last 2 days I have taking pics, loading to etsy, creating Instagram account and grinding. Because I will grind till my fingers bleed for my baby. I will do whatever it takes. Nothing can stop me.

*Queue heavy metal inspirational music

So anyhoo, if anyone reading this wants to check me out you can find me on Instagram @FullLeathers

For privacy reasons I don’t want to like my etsyshop to this blog.

Here are some of the items



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