What a love/hate relationship we have. Last night I returned to my little gem of a fitness class I found while out strolling, paid my membership fees and am now fully committed.

Let me break down the torture of last night.

  1. Approximately 30 laps of running with a tyre. Now you could carry it anyway you like but no rolling.
  2. Burpees…. countless amounts of damn burpees. I personally use to be quite good at them and did them like a boss. Now I hyperventilated and nearly puked myself.
  3. Ropes, I believe they are called gladiator ropes that you basically try and get to make a ripple effect. Never in my life would I have guessed something so simple could be so hard
  4. Kettlebell Squats – not too bad but I totally cheated and used the lightest weight possible.
  5. Pull-ups. I did not successfully do 1. Not ONE!!! I almost possible nearly made it maybe close to half way but no not ONE (we had the rubber thing to hook in you leg to help – didn’t help shit)
  6. Smacking sledgehammers on a truck tyre. I successful manage to keep all my toes and didn’t hit anyone else to that was a success.
All in all, I was drenched to the bone. But it felt great.
Tonight I am going swimming.
Strong body = healthy fertile body. Hopefully
Starting weight 68.2kg

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