Killing Time

You would think by now after all of these ivf treatments I would be use to waiting by now. I was completely ok last year, mostly because I was so busy with all the wedding stuff, then moving in stuff and then the finally settling in stuff.

We are now fully married, moved in and settled down. The IVF stress virus is back. I am spending countless hours on forums, googling my new protocol, drawing up polls, googling hospitals, my new RE, what colic is and how to prevent it (I am already jumping the gun) working out my maternity leave etc etc etc. Completely lost the plot. I am just so impatient.

I have now joined a functional fitness class that I discovered while out on a walk exploring my new area and planning on joining a swimming club starting on Tuesday. All of this is of course to get pregnancy ready. I am so convinced this is the one. I just know it in my gut. I have never felt this confident about any of my other cycles. I think that is why I have this immense feeling of urgency.

Is this normal? Maybe not, but what is during this process.

If anything, all this obsessing is perfect training for dealing with broken sleep when my baby finally arrives. In December…..the 29th….2016….. according to

Here hoping.


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