One thing that IVF has taught me is patience. By nature, I am a very impulsive, I long for instant gratification. A product of technology I reckon. I’m sure back in the day, folks had no problem waiting for things like mail, information and test results. I want everything right now. Always.

Its been just over a year since our last treatment and my DH has “forced” me to wait till January to do another cycle. Initially I was ok as we were planning the wedding, house hunting and all the other things that goes along with settling in but now its all done, we are settled and everyday seems like a lifetime and to add fuel to the fire, my new route to work involves me driving past my clinic EVERY single day. Never had I imagined that I would long for that hospital smell, injections and daily examinations lol. Crazy

I hate this desperate feeling and with my 35th birthday in a couple of weeks, the struggle is real.



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