At the moment I am trying to find out more about using a donor. I FS who read through my paper work mention that he think my embies are not of the best quality…. this is the complete opposite of what my 2 previous FS have told me. The first cycle we did a three day transfer and they were 8CG1 – 8 cell grade 1 and 6CG2 6 cell grade 2.

Cycle 2 Day 5 3AA and a morula

Cycle 3 Day 5 3AA and 3AB

Now to me those looked ok and I thought maybe FS is question is just one of those who push DEIVF because of the high success rates. But now I am not so sure. My current FS doesn’t think we are at the point to consider DE just yet but he also has no clue why it is not working and seeing that I am 34 years old with an AMH of 1.38/9.35 he thinks we are still good to go with own eggs.

Now at this point I am so tired of BFN I would be willing to use a monkeys eggs if it meant I would finally have my baby. I am also thinking that seeing I have had a full year break maybe my response will be better. You see my first cycle was with Zoladex and it compressed my ovaries so deeply that they wouldn’t “wake up”. It took 2 months for it to work out and my period to come back. We went straight into another cycle and had a very poor response. Only 4 from 1 ovary, next cycle 6 from 1 ovary and last cycle 6 from both ovaries. So the response kept getting better and better. Could the Zoladex be the reason for my bad response?

I really do want a baby and we don’t really have money to throw away on multiple failures but am I really ready to say goodbye to my genetics. It may not be the best but its still mine.



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