Four days after I got married my husband’s 10 year son moved in with us. This was always the long term goal but as soon as we moved into the new place and settled in he wanted to stay. It has definitely been the best move. He has really climbed into my heart.

While we were dating he was quite a moody kid, very withdrawn and so much older than his years. Always seemed to have the world on his shoulders – the family situation with the mother and her husband was and still is very volatile. That is all I will say on that matter because its none of my business what happens in their home.

Anyway, since he has been with us, there has been a noticeable shift in this boys personality. He is more relaxed, laughs and does silly things all the time, plays in the park with his dad and just in general just a much happier boy.

What no one warned me about is the jealousy I would feel. I know that it normal and taken my fertility status almost a given. I feel jealous that I might never know the type of love I can see between them. For an infertile it is hard at times watching them lying face to face whispering and laughing at whatever silly nonsense they talk about. Its beautiful that he is such a great dad but difficult.



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