The Ectopic

2 pink lines….

I had a gut feeling, the same feeling I had every month, but I had a feeling. It was a Saturday morning, the sun was shining and I was busy cleaning the flat. I had a feeling. I drop everything, jump in my car and take a drive to the corner pharmacy and buy a cheapie test. I never keep them in the house because I would pee on them everyday.

I pee, set it on top of the toilet and stare. nothing. I shrug if off and walk away. I continue cleaning, at this point negative test are the norm. I head back to the loo to throw it out and low and behold… 2 lines. I jump and the car and rush back to the pharmacy for another 2 test – different types of course because surely those ones are defective. Again positive.

Best Day Ever!!! 02 June 2012

Friday 15 June 2012, I go and see my GP cause this constipation pain is killing me. I was still regular but felt bloated. He confirms its just a blockage – drink more water and give me a preggy friendly laxative.

Saturday 16 June 2012, I am in good spirits but its starting to hurt when I walk.

Sunday 17 June 2012, I cant stand up straight. I go back to the GP and insist something is wrong. This cant be normal. Doctor shrugs me off, don’t worry its just the constipation. Everyone thinks I am going to be one of those pregnant fairies.

Monday 18 June 2012, I wake up sweating and in the most excruciating pain, I get out of bed and drop to the floor and run to the loo and I throw up so violently that I wet myself. Part of me is happy thinking finally the morning sickness has kicked in, this is going to be a strong pregnancy. I call in sick and spend the day in bed – passed out.

Wednesday 20 June 2012, Its around 8pm. I am home alone and just woke up from a nap. Feeling so much better. Wake into the loo and my whole world shatters. BLOOD





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